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Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6 - released August 28, 2009
General - In general, you may wish to delay upgrading to Snow Leopard to see if Apple solves some general printer problems. Before upgrading to OS X 10.6, or at least before installing it on your main computer, you should read the discussion board on Apple's Web site.
These 4 pages on the discussion board on the printer problems with Snow Leopard affect all software. You may have to buy a new printer.
If you do decide to install Snow Leopard, make sure that you are running the most current versions of all software. For our products these are CalendarMaker v.5.0.7 and InTouch With v. 3.1.3. Also, when running a new version of the operating system (OS), it is always a good idea to first back up all your documents.
CalendarMaker - Version 5.0.7 is now available as a free update. It fixes the printing problems between Snow Leopard and version 5.0.5. Version 5.0.7 also fixed the problem in 5.0.5 and 5.0.6 where an event or day would not stay selected while working on it.
InTouch With - No reported problems with Snow Leopard and ITW v.3.1.3.
QuickProject - No reproducible problems reported with QuickProject.